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Your very first day at school

Dear #JasperBean on your very first day at school.

I have thought about today for a while. A day that I looked forward to but also dreaded. I looked forward to your first day at school because I knew you were growing up into a little big boy. A major milestone for both you and me. Today will be a first for us. We have survived 4 years 5 months and 10 days and now you’re onto bigger and greater things. Today marks the start of your independence. You will learn and play with your peers for 5 days a week and I will be waiting for you on the other side of those gates. I also dreaded this day so much, knowing that you’re finally growing up and no longer can be classed as a baby or toddler anymore. But, remember, you will always be my baby no matter what age you are.

I thought to myself, “Today will be a great day” and it was.

I’m not sure how much of today you will remember, but I want you to know that the start of your school life was a good one and I prayer and hope this will continue.

From the moment I walked into your room and kissed you awake. You smiled and giggled, not whining or moaning that it was too early. We picked out your school uniform and you proudly put it on. You looked so grown up, yet adorable. I couldn’t help but look at you and feel immensely proud.

Your Very First Day at School

Our breakfast together was full of chatter and we even had some time for play, cuddles and pictures before leaving for school. You managed to give me the perfect keepsake photo. Of course, this wasn’t hard since you were so excited to be starting school. Even the wet weather didn’t dampen our spirits, we walked hand in hand to school and as everyone settled. You kissed me goodbye and walked to your new teacher with your book bag, PE kit, introductory bag and water bottle. You looked backed, waved and blew me a kiss. That was it. The floodgates opened. Not you, but me. But don’t worry, they were happy proud tears.

Your Very First Day at School

There will be days when you will soar beyond your wildest dreams, days when you feel like nothing is going right. There will be days you make mistakes, feel down and wish you could start over again. All those days will come, but they will also go. Just remember one thing, whatever day it is, I love you and will always be there for you.

A couple of hours later

Arriving early at the school gates, the skies continued to open. I commiserated with a couple of the other mums about how quickly our babies are growing up and how we looked forward to picking you up.

In the last few hours, I continued to prayer that what we have taught you and what you had learnt at nursery will be enough to take you on this magical journey. I also hope the tools and knowledge that you will need to help you soar will be there for you to see, listen and do.

Seeing you run out and giving me the biggest grin and cuddle. I knew you had a great special first day. You sent all my worries packing by laughing, smiling and talking non stop. Yes, today will be a day we remember fondly.

Your Very First Day at School

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