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Lite Brite Oval HD Review

Toys like everything else get revamped and are given a new lease of life. The Lite Brite, a toy popular in the 70s and 80‘s has been brought up to date with an HD version. Here is what we thought about it and what you should know before you get one.

What is Lite Brite?

Produced by Hasbro’s, Lite brite has been a firm favourite since it was brought out in 1967. It‘s creators at Marvin Glass and Associates wanted to mimic the colourful light displays of Fifth Avenue in New York City. The original Lite Brite came with 400 plastic pegs in eight different colours. It was such a success, the following year saw a whole line of different Lite Brite designs and templates including Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.

There are now significantly less options and templates for the Lite Brite, but creativity has no limits. Just like the original design, you create art using multi coloured pegs ginserted into a light box. The updated versions have different size variations for use at home and travel, including different theme templates like the ever popular Stranger Things.

What is Lite Brite Oval HD?

The Lite Brite Oval HD comes with more pegs than the classic. However, what we think makes the Oval HD stand apart from the others is it’s ability to illuminate designs in 5 different light modes. These consists of 3 colour-changing patterns (fade, flash, white light) and 2 animation options (slow, fast flash). The package comes with 8 different templates to start you off but there really is nothing to stop you creating your own designs.

Note: The pegs are the same as the classic, so if you already have another version of the Lite Brite at home, they can be interchangeable. Although I have read that the size of the pegs do differ from the original designs.

Who is Lite Brite suitable for?

The answer is EVERYONE! Unless they are under 3 years old, for safety reasons. They do recommend its best for 6 to 15 year olds, but I don’t think there really is a limit to ’art’. I feel adults would thoroughly enjoy it too. I did and do. For younger children who might find complex templates a bit more intimidating, the Lite Brite Classic does have much simpler designs. And you can buy more templates and pegs too.

What’s included in the box?

  • 660 pegs in 6 different colours
  • 1 Lite Brite Oval Lightbox (requires 3 AA batteries which are not included)
  • 8 templates

What do you actually do?

In short, you poke pegs into the holes of the lightbox to create your design. You can choose to put the paper template over the grid and poke holes directly through the paper. This would be an easier and less frustrating approach for younger children. However, you can also follow the template and insert the corresponding coloured pegs into the grid. Although the template does not include a grid so it would be more difficult and more time consuming.

Lite Brite is Fun and Educational

This toy not only helps boost creativity, but also helps children develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor skills The brightly coloured lights and effects stimulate the senses and provide a soothing environment. My 3 year old sat for 2 hours straight creating his masterpiece independently! As he was doing it, he kept on saying how much fun it was. When he had finished and I turned on the light box, he couldn’t contain his excitement because he didn’t know it could actually do that! What a joy and he couldn’t wait show everyone. The kick stand at the back made it much easier to display as well. My 7 year old immediately wanted to have a go too but little one was having none of it. He didn’t want anyone to destroy his masterpiece and I totally understand. However, I’m now left wondering whether I need to get another one! LOL. Another great feature of the Oval HD is sleep mode, after a few minutes of inactivity, the Lite Brite will turn itself off. Great for forgetful ones and saves you constantly changing the batteries.

A thumbs up to our Lite Brite Oval HD

We love that Lite Brite sparks creativity and with our imagination, we can create endless works of art. This is a wonderful nostalgic toy that both children and adults can use to create colourful and playful pieces that are somewhat interactive. I was particularly impressed that it kept my boys occupied for a fairly long period of time without complaint. This is a great toy and has proven to be an excellent mindfulness activity. It’s a wonderful blank canvas for at home and on the go fun and I think it would make a great gift too. We cannot wait to explore more designs.

Lite Brite Oval HD Review -

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