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Legoland Windsor Castle Hotel: The BEST Lego Hotel

We are always looking for a one of a kind experience for our children. Or maybe even just for ourself. So how can we go wrong with Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel? Well, we couldn’t and didn’t when we visited this themed Lego hotel heaven located in Berkshire, England just before Christmas. The decorations and atmosphere were nothing short of magical.

Themed Rooms

We chose the Knight room in the Castle Hotel, but there are different floors with colourful, eye-popping themes to suit every Lego fanatic. Admittedly, the furniture, Lego bed linen, sculptures, wall paper and decorations might not be every adult’s cup of tea, but kids will love it. In JasperBean’s words: “Mummy, this is the B.E.S.T hotel EVEEEEERRRRRR. I want to stay here forever!

Rooms are designed to fit whole families of 5 people, possibly even 6 if you have an infant. There is a comfortable double bed on one side of the room and an adjoining area with a bunk bed and pull out single bed. A foldable cot can also be found in the room. The room is decorated according to the theme you have chosen to book and “wow” is an understatement. The fun didn’t end with just us staring open mouthed at the decor, we were also welcomed with a treasure hunt for a lego gift. Each hunt is unique to the room which provided lots of fun for the kids to search high and low and explore every inch of the room.

A few other in room facilities included: a safe, tea and coffee, Lego toiletries, gaming console, TV x2 and lego bricks to play with.


If you’re visiting Legoland, you would naturally spend hours if possible days in Legoland going on their rides and walking through miniature land. However, the resort has many activities to do if you are just staying in the hotel or if you’re staying when Legoland itself is closed (during the Winter months – from early/mid November to February). Their ever popular pirate themed swimming pool and splash area is pre-booked and you can book as many slots as you like, although 1 hour is plenty enough. Make sure you check their adult/child ratio because if you have more than 1 child under 3, you will need an individual adult to stay with each of them.

Almost every space in the resort is covered in Lego, almost a bit overwhelming and overpowering. If you’re one of those adults who like the kids to get what they want while you can find a mini sanctuary for yourself as well. Then look no further than the gaming and bar area where there is a tiny bit less Lego Don’t bet on staying there for too long though because I’m sure your tiny humans will drag you to the nearest Lego building pit dotted around the resort.

Although you are booking to stay in Legoland Windsor Hotel for the Lego experience, you will appreciate that there are the following service that will make your stay more comfortable and convenient:

  • Bar
  • Gaming Centre
  • Fitness Centre
  • Kids Club
  • Evening entertainment
  • Indoor and outdoor playground
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Free WiFi

Food and drinks

We booked ourselves dinner and breakfast at The Tournament Tavern which was a la carte. This was more favourable for us as we didn’t want to get up and select our own food buffet style with the kids running around. It was also more relaxing for us as a family to be served and not have to wander around. If buffet and a larger selection of food is what you’re looking for, then The Bricks restaurant would be a better option. The Tournament Tavern was also located in the Castle Resort Hotel, so we didnt have to walk far at all. Additionally, The Bricks Restaurant is in the other part of the Lego hotel, so deciding on which restaurant may depend on which part of the hotel/resort you are staying in.

There food and drink REALLY didn’t disappoint. Out of all the children themed parks that we have stayed in. Legoland Windsor blows it out the water! Not only was the presentation superb, the quality, service and taste was also amazing. It could pass for a good London restaurant any day. The food in the Tournament Tavern wasn’t about gimmicks or making everything Lego themed. Although the kids did love the dry ice effect and lego shaped fries. 😛

Breakfast that is fit for a King

Value for money?

Absolutely! But only during off peak season (when the theme park is closed). We can focus our energy on enjoying the stay without stressing whether we were spending too much time on rides in the park or lounging for too long in the hotel. Rates included breakfast, swimming pool access, parking, WiFi (and early access into the park if the park was open). Will we be back? Of course, JasperBean and DD have already chosen their next room to stay in.

Legoland Windsor Castle Hotel is mind-bogglingly family and wheel chair friendly.

We hope you have a magical stay at Legoland Windsor too and until next time…

Love, MsMamaBean x


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