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Last day at nursery

Today is #JasperBean’s last day at nursery! Which means the start of primary school life is just around the corner! Yikes! I remember not so long ago, he was only toddling along unsure of the other children or teachers.

Last Day at Nursery
First Day at Nursery 2016

Although Jasper is looking forward to starting reception and going to big school. I can see that in his eyes, saying goodbye to his little friends has been hard. He’s been coming home from nursery telling me some of his little friends haven’t returned from holiday. And when I tell him that he will make new friends and have new teachers at reception, he has been sceptical and says maybe his key person will be at reception too.

Jaspers’ best friend at nursery is his key person

Even after 2 years of nursery, Jasper didn’t warm to the idea and hesitated every time he had to go. He even started to look for excuses like “it’s raining”. We’ve had our ups and downs. But, then as if our prayers were answered. His new preschool key person started. Like an angel, she took him under her wings. She has been our saving grace. He has absolutely opened up and flourished under her guidance and we can’t thank her enough. I can only wish and hope Jaspers’ future teachers will have her kindness, patience and love. If it wasn’t for her, my boy may or may not continue to dislike going to nursery, but I believe because of her, everything has changed.

Teachers make a difference, whether big or small. Their super power is the ability to shape and influence our future. Thank you. Without you, my boy would not be the boy he is today.

Last Day at Nursery
Inside: Thanks for helping me grow.

Thank you nursery, thank you teachers

Thank you to the nursery who:

  • Gave us 8 settling sessions. Giving us time to get to know one another and feel like we’re in this together.
  • Called me whenever anything happened, no matter how big or small.
  • Changed his nappies countless times.
  • Tried to get Jasper to sleep when he was still in the baby room, even though he refused.
  • Provided him with cuddles.
  • Protected him.
  • Praised him for being an exceptionally adventurous eater.
  • Praised him for being courteous.
  • Introduced him to lots of child’s play.
  • Taught him to share.
  • Encouraged him to read, write, count and learn about phonics.
  • Told him when he wasn’t listening and praised him when he did.
  • Comforted him at every nativity play where he started to cry before the performance even began.
  • Allowed him to bring his comforter to nursery, even at the grand old age of 4.
  • Helped wean him off his comforter.
  • Provided me with a peace of mind that he was happy, looked after and carefree.
  • And most importantly, thank you for letting me have days off to piece back together my sanity.

I’m sure there are many more things we need to be thankful for, but it would be impossible to list them all.

Last Day at Nursery
Last Day at Nursery 2019

As Jasper was writing his goodbye card and packing the gifts for the teachers last night. I can’t help but think, we get so much information and help when starting new schools. But right now, I think we need help with saying our goodbyes.

Big love to you all,

MsMamaBean x

Last Day at Nursery
Last Day at Nursery 2016-2019


16 July 2021 at 11:16 pm

Today was my 4 year old sons last day at pre school and it has hit him so very hard, he too was a very nervous starter and we also pulled him out andee times but are so glad we didn’t, having an amazing key worker was the key as they helped grow his confidence and gave him a gentle push when needed. Covid hit so they closed for a while which set him back but again his jet worker and a small group of his friends were then like rock stars helping.

He and his friends have all been given different choices of primary which he is struggling to understand and in his words why are they leaving me? I wish I make it all better for him, I’m in daddy and I can normally fix everything, but not this time right away. I too am struggling with it, our small world again due to Covid will again reduce until sept, I hope I can guide him as well as they all have done.

Let me know what you think!

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