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Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park and Zoo

On the day we visited, the heavens opened and it was super wet. So we headed to the indoor play barn first to escape the rain. We were able to book a 45 minute time slot and also have some food as one of the food outlets was conveniently placed inside. When our time slot came up, we were lead to a large wooden table to sit and order food and drinks if we so wished to. Again ordering and paying for food was super easily accomplished through their online app. Something we were hugely grateful for with a handful of excited children dashing in all sorts of directions. When our 45 time slot came to an end, we weren’t hurried to leave and were able to stay longer as it wasn’t busy. I assume that if it got really busy, then we would have to vacate to make space for other families.

Plenty of outdoor fun

At Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park and Zoo, there is plenty to do and see, especially outdoors. From bouncy pillows to tunnels, endless sandpits and climbing frames to high ropes and zorbing. I am sure the children can stay here for days without feeling bored! There is also plenty of outdoor seating for picnics and water breaks. The park is quite expansive, so we had to follow the kids around to make sure they were okay and of course to keep track of them. Older kids would probably be okay as long as their adults set some boundaries and make sure they don’t venture too far away from their group.

Beautiful places come at a cost

Hobbledown is a beautiful place, well maintained with friendly staff who were always ready to help. We spent 4 hours there and had a great time even though it was wet.

Prices start from £15 per person from the age of 2 depending on days/times. General admission during peak times are £20. So we paid the same amount for my 2 year old, 6 year old and adults. There are a lot more activities suitable for the older children so if your 2 year old is not very agile or nimble, they certainly wont get their value for money. Having said that, I believe it’s also because they have animals to look after in their little farm/zoo which adds to the cost. The animals do look healthy and loved so we are happy to pay, plus my 2 year old said he had a brilliant time, so we will definitely come again.

The only con is…

This con is quite a shame, but I can understand to a certain extent… and that is: Hobbledown is not wheelchair or buggy friendly. There are parts to the park that you can navigate to if in a wheelchair or buggy, but play areas both in and out are inaccessible. We did go with our buggy, but when we were in the play areas, we just left it by our picnic table or along the walk path. During peak times, I think this would be much more difficult.

Map of Hobbledown

You can find more information on their website and as they add and change things quite regularly, it’s better to check before going/booking.

We had a lot of fun during our visit and hope you will too if you visit.

All tired out at the end of the day and the boys were sad they had to leave.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Love MsMamaBean x

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