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Our Home Learning Diary – Week 7

Home learning Week 7 of 9 weeks in lockdown! This week we had to inform the school our thoughts and decision of whether we would send our children to school if they reopened in June. This made it all a bit more real and daunting. How do we decide? Is it really safe for our kids to be mingling with their peers when everyone else is still told to social distance? We don’t know what the next few weeks will bring but it sure isn’t comforting to feel like we are pushing our young ones out too soon. However, at the same time we know they need the social interaction and connection with their peers. It’s a hard decision and balance to strike and one that I am still struggling to make. While I ponder, the boys have had another fun filled home learning week!

Note: #JasperBean is in Reception (age 4-5: EYFS), therefore his home learning is specific to him/his age. I have received permission to share parts of his home learning plan from his teachers.


We have finished phased 2 & 3 sounds and tricky words, so this week was all about revising and familiarising ourselves with what we have learnt.

Our Home Learning Diary - Week 7
Dinosaur shadow drawing, Lego building, “The Singing Mermaid” map design, Trampoline, Badminton


  • This week we focused on Position and Distance.
    • The aim was to be able to use everyday language to describe position and distance.
    • We used our story this week to discuss all the places the mermaid could have been taken with the circus.
    • We drew a pretend map of the places the circus visited and discussed how far the mermaid had travelled. Which places were near/far and where were they in relation to each other.
    • We used a non-standard unit to measure the distance between the different places and the sea. Whilst working together, we tried to find out how far the mermaid had travelled in total.
    • Played “The Hungry Pirates” Game

There are a lot of activities and worksheets on Twinkl and Mrs Mactivity (free and paid subscription).

TWO great FREE resources to support and supplement our work.

  • National Oak Academy– An online classroom for reception age to year 10.
  • BBC BitesizeOnline study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom.

Our Home Learning Diary - Week 7
Ordering mermaid size, Sibling play, Measuring mermaid tails, Role play, Measuring distance, Mermen design

Some activities

  • Daily PE with Joe
  • Roleplay – at the airport
  • Shadow drawing
  • Lego and Duplo building
  • Badminton
  • Trampoline
  • Craft – transforming ourselves into mermaids (drawing and activity)
  • Picnic
  • Hide and Seek
  • Ice excavation – save the Duplo people
  • Frozen “Egg” and Spoon race
  • DIY music-making – rice and beans shaker
  • Soft toys laundry
Board games

We played some children friendly games this week.

Our Home Learning Diary - Week 7
Duplo Ice excavation, Maths, Measuring distance on a map, Soft toy cleaning day
Our Home Learning Diary - Week 7
Ice egg and spoon race, Map reading, Duplo building, Ice and Water play, Airport role play, DIY musical instrument

What will we get up to next week?

Thank you for reading and until next time…  have fun and happy social distancing!

Love MsMamaBean.

Here’s a quick link to our Home Learning Diary.

Disclaimer: English and Maths support links and suggestions are part of the children’s at-home learning plan provided by their teacher during social distancing/lockdown. I have only added supplement worksheets, reading and activities to support his learning.

Let me know what you think!

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