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Learning through play: Mrs Mactivity

Learning through play, we have always been big fans. Now that #JasperBean will be starting “Big School” in September, how can we continue to do this? It can‘t all just be play, right? I for one am the first to admit that I am no good at maths. It really racks my brain on how I can make something I’m not good at or even like, fun?? I am not a trained teacher, so am forever asking my friends for ideas on how I can keep my boys entertained whilst also parting with knowledge. Thank goodness for the world wide web, because Mrs Mactivity came to my rescue.

Mrs Mactivity: Learning through Play. A Review #Ad

“Mrs Mactivity is the home of innovative, hands on, activity based printable learning resources for 3-11 that kids and teachers love.“ I couldn‘t believe it would be that easy! It’s already out there waiting for us to use! I especially like their newly added Early Years Provocation section that had detailed plans. They include instructions, list of supplies, key prompts and vocabs to use and the sort of outcomes you can expect from each activity. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! This was somewhere that was able to provide me with all the ideas, instructions and activities I needed to keep #JasperBean interested, occupied and learning through play. Best of all, all the activities were created by teachers and loved by kids*, with new resources added every week.

Why provocation?

Originating from the Reggio Emilia approach, a provocation is simply something that provokes and invites learning, interest, creativity and thoughts. This allows children to explore, create, test, construct and deconstruct their ideas.

Testing out the Early Years Provocation

So, there‘s no good me saying how much I like it. #JasperBean is the one who really needs to test it out and actually enjoy what he’s doing.

Each provocation plan pack includes both a short and long version.

Short version: Great for quick tips and ideas on prompts and vocab. I had this next to me during the activity so that I could easily refer to it.

Long version: This was a detailed expansion of the short version with information on Early Years Outcomes/Goals. I read this before starting the activity so that I had a good idea of what sort of things to focus on and talk about.

We decided to try out the “Mathematical and transient Art provocation plan”. Gathering material for the activity was also very easy as all it asked for was a tuff spot tray or flat surface. Some loose parts such as beads, buttons, pom poms etc and some bowls to hold the loose items. I decided to use our lightboard for the activity as well. This way, we can see his art illuminate at the end. Which created another interesting talking point for us.

Mrs Mactivity: Learning through Play. A Review #Ad

Mrs Mactivity: Learning through Play. A Review #Ad

Mrs Mactivity: Learning through Play. A Review #Ad


He had fun creating shapes out of the loose parts and we went from ordinary circles and triangles to more sophisticated shapes like spirals and creating symmetry as time went by. As we placed shapes on the board, we started incorporating grouping, counting and using mathematical vocabularly such as adding and subtracting. By using the lightboard, we created shadows with our shapes, night and day and even the solar system.

Mrs Mactivity: Learning through Play. A Review #Ad

Things that we love about the Mrs Mactivity Early Years Provocation Plan:

  • The plan is easy to understand and activities simple to set up.
  • Key prompt examples in every plan are informative and makes the most of developing a childs language and understanding.
  • Provocation is focused, but also flexible and allows it to be tailored to the childs interest and needs.
  • Early Years Outcomes guideline is in bite size chunks that allows easy and quick digestion with just a quick read and glance from parents/carers.
  • It‘s created by teachers! So why put in all the hard work when it’s already done for you?

If you are interested, you can sign up for a Mrs Mactivity account for just £19.97. This will give you 12 months membership to unlimited access across the entire website. Still not sure? Sign up for their free teaching resource pack and give it a go today!

We love it, so why don‘t you give it a try?

Thanks for reading and until next time…

Love, MsMamaBean

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I was provided with a free membership in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in anyway.

*I‘m not sure all kids will love all the activities, but it’s worth a try! 🙂

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