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Thank You Teacher

Never in a million years would I have thought I would write a thank you teacher poem! But this teacher has been so extraordinary and amazing that he really inspired me to write something to show our appreciation for his home learning support. Thank God for sending us this Angel, we have truly been blessed with his support and presence during lockdown.

I wrote this last minute poem within the space of an hour and although it may seem rushed, it came from the heart. I understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, neither is it amazing nor perfect. The last time I wrote a poem was at school over 20 years ago, so I hope I have done it some justice. So here goes…

Thank You!

Who knew 2020 would have turned out like this
Where we couldn’t see families and friends that we dearly missed.
Our children were scared and didn’t know what to do
But being our hero, you came to our rescue.
You are such a special person with a heart so sincere
We are so thankful that you wiped away our fears.

Thank you for being their teacher and teaching us too
For your weekly plans, daily emails and ideas anew.
I’m only a parent and home schooling is no joke
I hid, I drank and sometimes even felt mentally broke.
You were always bright and cheerful like a rainbow in the sky
I’ll be completely honest, I’m not going to lie.
God knows, if it wasn’t for wonderful you
We would be in trouble. Yes, definitely screwed.

Today is the last day Jasper can say he’s in your class
It’s almost as if we’ve been through the looking glass.
To my child, you were his extraordinary friend
Always there, always ready, always understands.
Thank you for your kind words, your love and your compassion
For your guidance, your honesty and your determination.
Thank you for your patience, your support and being fun
Thank you for teaching Parks Class, you are our number one.

The version above is slightly different than the one in the image below as it contains my sons name and the class he was in. That was the version that was given to the teacher. Please feel free to share the poem if you feel it resonates with you or someone you may know and remember to quote @msmamabean or as the source.

I hope you have a lovely summer ahead and we can’t wait to *hopefully* return to school in September!

Love as always, MsMamaBean x

Thank you lockdown teacher from us parents

Let me know what you think!

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