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Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather Review and Things to Consider

I love the smell of newborns, they are just so… baby. However, after a few nappy changes, possibly a few that consists of poo-nami’s and spit-ups. These little human’s can get pretty grubby and a top and tail just won’t do. When the boys were newborns, it wasn’t too difficult to bathe them in a baby bath whilst holding them or to bath with them. But still it can get pretty slippery and awkward. Especially when they just weren’t in the mood to get wet. Didi hated the feeling of being in a bath tub, even if it was a baby sized one. I think he just hated the feeling of space. This was when a baby bather has been invaluable for us.

As Didi was getting too heavy to cradle in the bath, Summer Infant came to our rescue and gifted us with the Clean Rinse Baby Bather. The unique clean rinse design provides a 3-position recline that allows water to flow out of the bather making cleaning baby as easy as 1-2-3. If you are considering on purchasing a baby bather, here are some of the things you should look out for.

Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather Review


Anything you put your baby in in the bath, make sure it has anti-slip surfaces and smooth round edges. However small or immobile you think your baby is, they can be wriggly little worms. Having an anti-slip surface/base will give you a peace of mind knowing that the bather will stay put. Be sure to remember NEVER to leave baby unattended, not even for 1 second as just as little as 2cm of water can be a drowning risk.

Clean Rinse Baby Bather Safety

The Clean Rinse has an anti-slip surface for baby to lie on and also non-skid feet. Didi is currently 16lbs and the maximum weight for the product is 20lbs, thus we still have some mileage left. It feels well built, sturdy and secure and keeps him steady in the bath. There is also a max water indicator at the base to let you know how much water is too much. However, the instruction manual does note that you should never allow water to collect in the sink or bathtub. We suggest that you use a hand held shower head as the rinse feature allows the water and soap to drain away.

Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather Review


Comfort is paramount for both baby and mums (or whoever is bathing baby). I found that especially in the first few weeks after giving birth, bending down was not an option. The other  was to kneel on the other side of the tub, but again this was uncomfortable. So I ended up bathing with Didi and then asked S or my mum to dry and dress him afterwards. This was great for bonding, but there are times when he desperately needs a bath. Like after a poo-nami and I don’t have the luxury or time to have a bath myself.

Clean Rinse Baby Bather Comfort

The soft back and support hump makes it extrememly comfortable for Didi to lie in. And no, the hump does not squish his boy parts. I have found that he actually likes lounging in it even when not in the bath. The seat supports his head and shoulders really well. The bather has a 3-position recline meaning that you can adjust it to suit baby’s age and comfort. The soft rubber like silicone seat acts like a cushion. It is comfortable and he doesn’t slide off it even when I lift him up into a sitting position to wash his back. Pressing the buttons on either side of the bather easily adjusts the recline or put into storage mode. However, do not bathe in storage mode as this would be uncomfortable and dangerous for baby.

Another feature of the Clean Rinse is it’s multi-location usage. You can use it on the countertop next to a sink, in a sink or bathtub. I think this product would have been amazing to use in the first few weeks postpartum. Being able to stand over the sink to bathe baby means I wouldn’t have to bend over or sit in an awkward position. So although I didn’t get to use the bather in this way, I can see how useful this can be.

Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather Review


Do you want to clean and disinfect the sink everytime you bathe baby? No, me neither. So having a baby bather cuts out the unneccesary scrubbing and prepping time before a bath. Time that I don’t have due to a screaming baby. Another thing is, babys’ like to pee when they are undressed or in the bath. If I had used a traditional baby bath, once he had peed in there, I would have to change the water and start all over again. With this bather, since I use it with a shower head instead of filling the bath tub, there is no need to change the water as there is no dirty water.

Clean Rinse Baby Bather Convenience

As mentioned above, storing the baby bather is super easy. It comes in one piece ready to use and folds flat. There are no pieces that come off or need to be added either. The bather drains itself, so we just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth and some soapy water. Then prop it up by the window allowing it to air dry until next time. Although what would make it even more handy is a built-in hook so that it could be hung up in the shower to dry.


Didi loves it, so I love it! Along with the positive points above, since using the bather, we have had no crying or fussing when it came to bath time. He just sat there contently kicking the water whilst I had both my hands to clean him thoroughly. Although baby bathers have a short lifespan and most baby’s will outgrow them around 6 months. After using the Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather, in our opinion this is definitely a must have, I only wish I had one sooner. It’s such a space and time saver. The portability and easy storage of the Clean Rinse is definitely a bonus and I will definitely be taking this on our staycation.

Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather Review

Thanks for reading and until next time…

Love, MsMamaBean x

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