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Our Home Learning Diary – Week 2

It’s week 2 of #lockdown and home learning with an active 5-year-old and a velcro 1-year-old. Here are some of the things we got up to.

Note: #JasperBean is in Reception (age 4-5: EYFS), therefore his home learning is specific to him/his age. I have received permission to share parts of his home learning plan from his teachers.


Our Home Learning Diary - Week 2


We also made different shapes with play-doh, lollipop sticks and pipe cleaners.

There are a lot of activities and worksheets on Twinkl and Mrs Mactivity (free and paid subscription).

Some activities

  • Daily PE with Joe
  • Dinosaur ice excavation – freeze some animals/dinosaurs and arm them with a toy hammer to smash their way in! Careful as the ice can get quite hard, so give them a hand or put it aside and let it melt a bit first.
  • Grow our own plant – perfect for when the weather is nice outside, let them care for it and see it grow. We used the “Grow and Paint Your Own Carnivorous Garden“, also available in Fairy Flower and Farmers Garden. However, you can do this little activity with just some seeds and soil/compost.
  • Baking – we baked a cake for #JasperBean’s 5th birthday this week.
  • Paper mache Easter egg/chicken – you can make other animals and decorations too!
  • Watched the Easter Story and decorated a cross.
Board games
  • Qwirklea great little game to develop strategy skills. Easy to learn as you only need to match colour and shapes to earn points.
  • 5 Second Rule Juniora fun and fast little game that makes you come out with silly answers when under pressure!

Struggling for indoor activities? Click here for more ideas.

Our Home Learning Diary - Week 2
Time bingo, Easter scene, Dinosaur ice excavation, Paper mache egg/chicken, Carnivorous Garden
Our Home Learning Diary - Week 2
Trains, Paper Mache, Creating Shapes with lolly sticks, Maths, Cutting, Games on Twinkl
Our Home Learning Diary - Week 2
Play-Doh shapes, Happy Birthday to me, Measuring with non-standardobjects, Cooking
Our Home Learning Diary - Week 2
Lolly sticks shapes, Cross decoration, Ice excavation, Easter Chicken craft

Next week is the Easter holidays, so we’ll be taking a short break before resuming. đŸ™‚ Here’s what we got up to in week 1.

Thank you for reading and until next time, have fun and happy social distancing!

Love MsMamaBean.

Disclaimer: English and Maths support links and suggestions are part of the children’s at-home learning plan provided by their teacher during social distancing/lockdown. I have only added supplement worksheets, reading and activities to support his learning.

Let me know what you think!

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