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Our Home Learning Diary – Week 12

How has it been 14 weeks already? We’ve been home schooling for 12 weeks now and although we have had lots of fun learning and playing together. I know #JasperBean really misses playing and learning along side his peers. He got the chance to return to school for one day this week to find out who his teacher will be from September and start his transition period. My little boy who cried for over a week at drop off when he first started school was the first one to run to his teacher and lead the others into class. That‘s how much he misses and loves going to school! It was such a relief to see his happy face at pick up and to find out that he had the most wonderful day playing, learning and cleaning. It’s such a shame that it will be at least another 8 more weeks before he will step into school again.

Nevertheless, we have experienced how quickly time flies, so I’m sure we will have a busy summer. For now, we can‘t thank the school and his teacher enough for the variety of learning and inspiration they have given us to continue learning.

Note: #JasperBean is in Reception (age 4-5: EYFS), therefore his home learning is specific to him/his age. I have received permission to share parts of his home learning plan from his teachers.


We are fully into Phase 4 phonics which has a bunch of tricky words but no new sounds. Therefore we have been revising Phase 2 and 3 sounds, with a focus on “Consonant Blends”, such as “st”, “tr”, “nd”, “pt” etc.

Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
Snail shell design turned spinning tops.
Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
Fun in the park, Around the world exploration by tractor, Marbles Pasta shells and Play-doh snails, Virtual rollercoaster, “Fair Share“ Maths game, Ice cream delight


  • This week we revised calculating as part of our Early Learning goal.
    • Doubling and halving
    • Discussed how halving and sharing into 2 groups is the same and how it‘s possible to share into more groups.
    • Experimented with different numbers to see whether they can all be shared equally.
    • Played “Fair Shares“ on PBS Kids

There are a lot of activities and worksheets on Twinkl and Mrs Mactivity (free and paid subscription).

TWO great FREE resources to support and supplement our work.

  • National Oak Academy– An online classroom for reception age to year 10.
  • BBC BitesizeOnline study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom.

Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
DIY Snail Race

Some activities

  • Daily PE with Joe
  • Artwork: From Eric Carle‘s colourful seahorse (week 5) to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapels (week 10) to Matisse “The Snail” inspired collage this week.
  • Created some snails with marbles, pasta shells and play-doh
  • Movie night – Watched a racing snail: Turbo
  • Virtual rollercoaster
  • Designed some snail shells and turned them into spinning tops
  • Tractor ride around the world and into space
  • Snail race track
  • Scootering in the park
  • Music jamming
  • Building with Magnatiles/Magformers
  • Practice Chinese writing
  • Brain training on Nintendo Switch

Running out of activities? Why not have a go at one of these tried and tested boredom busters and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for activities and inspiration!

Board games

These are some of the board games we played this week:

Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
Scootering fun, Music jamming, Matisse “The Snail” inspired collage, Sharing, Where did the snail go in the “Snail Trail“ book?
Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
Snail shell shapes, Brain training on Nintendo Switch, Magnatiles/Magformers building, Scooter in the park, Building blocks challenge, School for a day
Our Lockdown Home Learning Diary - Week 12
FREEDOM! In the park, Tiny T’s Storytelling Theatre, Snail creations, Super Wings role play, Chinese writing

What will we get up to next week?

Thank you for reading and until next time…  have fun and happy social distancing!

Love MsMamaBean.

Here’s a quick link to our Home Learning Diary. What a journey it has been!

Disclaimer: English and Maths support links and suggestions are part of the children’s at-home learning plan provided by their teacher during social distancing/lockdown. I have only added supplement worksheets, reading and activities to support his learning.

Let me know what you think!

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