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2018 was the year of the Dinosaur!

My Dinosaur mad #JasperBean has taken us on a reptiliean adventure that we never thought we’d be on! 2018 has seen us engaging in so many Dinosaur adventures and events that we are practically number ONE dinosaur fans now! Here is a recap of what we got up to in 2018 that was everything prehistoric.

Dinosaur Adventures for the whole family. A recap of our roaring 2018!


Hall Place Dinosaur Exhibition

Dinosaurs at Hall PlaceDinosaurs at Hall Place

National History Museum (London) – we have returned quite a few times throughout the year!

Natural History MuseumNatural History Museum


Building Dinosaur Toys

Building dinosaursBuilding dinosaurs


Track Party with lots and lots of dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Track PartyDinosaur Track PartyDinosaur Track Party

Musée national d’histoire naturelle (National Museum of Natural History – Luxembourg) – no photos as we were too busy finding the dinosaurs and the museum was a wee bit dark.

Dinosaur Birthday

3rd Dinosaur birthdayShopping for dinosaurs

April – June

Dinosaur Trail – Bluewater

Dinosaur Trail - BluewaterDinosaur Trail - BluewaterDinosaur Trail - BluewaterDinosaur Trail - BluewaterDinosaur Trail - Bluewater


Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. We’ve been bitten by the Dinosaur bug! As we couldn’t take #JasperBean to view this, me and S sneaked off ourselves and enjoyed a bit of couple time.


Dinosaurs in the Wild at the Greenwich Peninsula

Dinosaur in the WildDinosaur in the WildDinosaur in the Wild


Blue Velocirator Dinosaur Mask from Mattel.

Dinosaur Role PlayDinosaur Role Play


Dinosaur Live at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Dinosaur LiveDinosaur LiveDinosaur LiveDinosaur Live


More Natural History Museum and how could we have passed Halloween without celebrating in Dino style? Check out my tutorial for a DIY Reversible Dinosaur Cape.

DIY Reversible Dinosaur Cape


Not quite as dinosaur mad as we were away most of the month in Asia. However we did come across one dinosaur in Hong Kong Disneyland

Rex from toy Story at Hong Kong Disneyland


Dinotropolis at Bluewater. This new dinosaur themed softplay and adventure park

at our local shopping centre is right up our alley!

Image courtesy of Dinotropolis

Dinosaur trail at Drayton Manor/Thomas Land.

Dinosaur Trail at Drayton ManorDinosaur Trail at Drayton Manor

We are 1 month into 2019 and it doesn’t look like our dinosaur adventures is slowing down either!

Thanks for being with us in 2018, I’m sure 2019 will be a blast!

Until next time… Love MsMamaBean x

Let me know what you think!

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