Mummy Wishes for JasperBean

Mummy Wishes is not just about what I as a mummy wishes to dream or do. It’s also about my hopes and […]

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Whiter Teeth? Try Mr Blanc’s Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Polish

*This post was written before the tragic events in Manchester on 22 May 2017. I am deeply saddened by the events and […]

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5 Steps to Yummy Homemade Biltong Using a Dehydrator

Easy homemade biltong! This is the perfect recipe for first timers or anyone who loves this traditional snack. All you need is meat, seasoning and a dehydrator.

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My child is lying. The Peeking Game and 5 ways to encourage the truth?

I recently read an interesting article that looked at the evolution of honesty and deception in young children, the study suggested that […]

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2 ingredients Cloud Dough/Moon Sand! What are you waiting for? (Edible version available too!)

A simple recipe for an amazing sensory play. Make some Cloud Dough/Moon Sand with everyday items from your kitchen cupboard!

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A Peppa Pig World Survival Guide

“Peppa Pig”

What does your mind conjure up when you hear those words? Does your heart fill with dread and despair or with laughter and excitement? Well, what would you think/say if I told you I visited Peppa Pig World over the weekend? Yep! A whole place dedicated to the pink piggy “oink” family and her furry friends located at Paultons Park, New Forest, Hampshire. I must be crazy, right?

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